Halloween isn’t just for kids anymore, this year it’s time to treat yourself. Here are our top five picks to have a fab fall:


‘The Overworked’ Beauty Kit

Because who isn’t?

This limited edition kit from Ivy Wild contains three high-performance products that will elevate this seasons self-care routine.

  • The Orgaid Vitamin C + Revitalizing Sheet mask to hydrate and heal skin

  • The Odacité Green Tea and Lemongrass Radiance Effect Serum keeps skin awake and radiant against the cold

  • Additionally, this kit comes with SALT by Hendrix, a Rose + Heather Flower Magnesium Infusion Soak guaranteed to add some calm to your day. Did somebody call for a luxury bath?

Oat Milk Everything

Sorry cows, we’re moo-ving on...

This fall, transition to a healthier, more environmentally friendly option. For years almonds have stolen the show, but this fall, oats are on the rise. Oat milk is easy on the taste buds, easier on the stomach and oh so good.

The A5 memobottle

Drink more water AND make it fashion

Just because the temperature is dropping doesn't mean we can forget how important it is to stay hydrated. Drinking water maintains regularity, boosts the immune system, and clears skin of bacteria and toxins. The A5 memobottle fits anywhere an iPad does. This minimal water bottle is so chic taking a sip of water just became a fashion statement.

Birdie and Minnie by OLIKA

Because no one has time to be sick

Steer clear of sniffles, sneezes, and sickness this fall with your pals Minnie and Birdie by OLIKA. Not only are these lil’ birds the most beautiful hand sanitizers in the world, but they make for perfect sidekicks. Keep one on your desk, one in your bathroom and one in your bag.

Flameless Wax Candles

Drop the ‘tude, set the mood

Don’t miss out on a single second of coziness this fall. Come home to these flameless wax candles and enjoy the romantic and glowing atmosphere you didn’t know you needed. Offered in every shape and size, these faux flame candles flicker just like the real thing, without the risk of burning, or spilling. Get into all the spooky witch vibes this fall with class and ease.