It's been a B U S Y summer at BCENE but we took some time out in August to head to the big apple to scope out what's new and what's good in the indie (independent) beauty space. Take a peek at our top six trends from the Indie Beauty Expo (IBE) NYC 2018:

1. CBD is here to stay: many independent brands are still riding the CBD wave and more functionally-geared products are still piquing buyer interest. For example, The Good Patch, which harnesses the power of CBD to solve some functional problems (hangovers, period cramps, energy levels) got the most buzz, probably for its uber cute packaging and great price point.

2. Getting witchy: personalization has taken on a more woo-woo vibe, with anything from scent pairing for your astrological sign from Zodica to skincare and teas to match the moon cycle from Moonbath.

3. Inside out: even Jane Iredale's booth was heavily promoting skincare supplements, most notably Skin Complete as a 60-day regimen. The Tonik, an Australian based-brand, is stocked by Goop and Free People and had a Shen spotlight at IBE. Collagen and other protein-based beauty supplements were also all over the expo.

4. Periods, period: sooooooo many brands had a hormone or cycle-based slant to it. A more subtle Knours. simply plans skincare around your cycle (but educated on the use of the skincare for all kinds of things to attract a wider audience). OrganiCup is menstrual cup company from Denmark, the only one we spotted that was outright promoting feminine care products. We also noted that pregnancy planning/fertility wasn't as popular this year.

5. More inclusivity: our favorite trend which tons of brands were trying to straddle. Wins for this category included First Salt After The Rain, a clean Korean skincare brand and the availability of more products for darker skin tones.

6. Mask it, patch it, slap it: Camouflaged pimple fighters that actually work and wrinkle smoothers were educational on mask ingredients (most dropped buzzy words like "clean" and "natural"). Fan favorite (and my favorite!) was Bawdy Beauty

A few of our favorite brand picks included:

  1. Knours.
  2. OLIKA
  3. Woodlot
  4. Everyday
  5. Bawdy Beauty
  6. Hero Cosmetics
  7. The Good Patch
  8. Eighth Day
  9. Alder New York
  10. Ducalm
  11. S.Oil
Brittanie Clement