#Y E E Z Y S e a s o n 6 | PR LESSONS

PR Lessons from Yeezy.jpeg

New York Fashion Week came to a close last Friday with one notable vacancy from the show schedule: Kanye West’s “of-the-moment” Yeezy line. This time last year, West surprised editors with an unexpected Yeezy Season 5 presentation. The show, at Pier 59 in Chelsea, featured large-scale video projections of each look from the collection, followed by a single finale walk by the models. West declined to come out from backstage for a bow.

This year, West went against the NYFW status quo for FW18. In signature “this is me” fashion, Yeezy Season 6 dropped in early December on wifey Kim Kardashian's social media accounts rather than a runway.  These paparazzi-inspired candids feature Mrs. West decked out in athleisure stepping out of her car, walking on the sidewalk, and other little quotidienne -albeit very glam- scenes.


Kim Kardashian West

Leveraging your wife’s massive social media following while creating a self-referential photo-series that pokes fun both at celebrity and the pomp of the fashion industry is pretty good.

Recruiting over a dozen of LA’s most hype Instagram models to post recreations of the shots of said wife one week before NYFW? That is REALLY good.

Amina Blue

The Clermont Twins

With millions of followers in tow, these fashion it-girls posted photos of themselves sporting a Kim K. inspired platinum wig and Season 6 looks with the hashtag #YEEZYSeason6. It felt organic, fresh and wildly clever. There was no announcement and no after-party, and with content like this perhaps those are not needed.  

Sierra Skye

Three PR takeaways from such a memorable campaign:

  1. Engage with previous relationships - No need to reinvent the wheel to get the word out about client news. Dig deep in reaching out to your contacts, or better yet try forming a #squad!  

  2. Humor goes a long way - After years of self-serious presentations and campaigns, Yeezy Season 6 really resonated with critics and customers alike because of the way it could laugh at itself. If you have a clever idea, even if it’s a little out of the box, see what you can do with it. Wit and a smirk always stand out.

  3. Take the daring way - Are there any projects that you do the same way over and over again by force of habit? What if you completely changed up your next event or PR plan? Stay creative :)  

Brittanie Clement