Director | Events & Marketing 


“Curious” is an understatement when it comes to describing Katherine. Whether she was combing through her mother’s closet as a small child or performing as “Catty Kottons” (Katie Couric’s younger doppleganger) in a 5th grade play, Katherine’s charisma & love of discovery now make her a triple threat in marketing, event management and business development.

Before her time at BCENE, Katherine graduated from American University with a degree in communications & international studies and got a quick start in government consulting. “I became both knowledgeable and fluent across a variety of subject matters very quickly,” says Katherine.“Remaining highly-adaptable and building rapport with teams outside my purview was and still is the key to thriving in client services.”

Later trading in her suit jacket for stretchy pants, Katherine switched gears by entering the start-up world where she launched e-commerce, lifestyle, health & wellness, and retail brands such JRINK, Kit & Ace, lululemon, and UrbanStems.

Today, Katherine lends her expertise to designing award-winning marketing & event programs, but truly prides herself on mastering the art of the e-introduction. Between flexing her creative chops and seamlessly executing in event management, Katherine thrives off good, authentic connection and always aims to improve her client’s bottom line.

Katherine Cotsonas


-While her network spans the length of the east coast, Katherine claims both DC & Miami as her own.

-As a child of the internet, you can find her daily people, places, and things on the insta @kathacot. She’s known to flood the feed with (gorgeous!) glamour shots of her black cat, Sabrina (yes, as in the teenage witch).

-Don’t be surprised if Katherine asks you to work out with her - it’s her way of connecting beyond coffee.